One of the most problematic driving situations drivers face is the bright light of a setting or rising sun. Bright sunlight is directly related to the number of automobile accidents that happen in the early morning and late afternoon.


1. Invest in a great pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses will not only drastically reduce the bright sunrays that reach your vision, they will also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Choose a stylish pair of sunglasses and keep them in your vehicle at all times to ensure that you will be prepared for bright driving situations.


2. Use your visors. Almost every vehicle is outfitted with sun visors. Most visors are able to be positioned to block sunlight coming through the front windshield as well as from the right or left side windows. A sun visor is one of the most effective ways to block sunlight. All sun visors are designed not to hinder the driver’s visibility.


3. Have your vehicle’s windows tinted. Specialty auto repair shops will tint your windows for a few hundred dollars. Tint is applied by placing a thin plastic film over your windows. This film will block a certain percentage of sunrays from entering your vehicle. Make sure that you check your state’s regulations on window tinting. Some states will issue traffic citations for overly darkened vehicle windows.


4. Try to avoid driving in times when sunlight is brightest. Because sunlight is often brightest during rush hour traffic times, most drivers are not able to avoid this difficult situation. Nevertheless, if you do not have to drive in bright sunlight, wait a few minutes until the sun has completely risen or set below the horizon before hitting the road.


5. Leave a greater distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you when driving in bright sunlight. Bright light greatly reduces your visibility and reaction time.


6. If bright sunlight begins to hurt your eyes or impedes your ability to drive in any way, find a safe place to exit the road. Wait ten to fifteen minutes for the sun to reposition before continuing to your destination.


Bright sunlight is underestimated as a dangerous driving condition. Use common sense and one or more of the above methods of reducing the amount of sunlight that makes its way inside your vehicle to ensure your safety when driving on a sunny day. (Source:


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