In Section 167C of New York State law it says, you have the right to get your car repaired in a registered shop of your choice. Most people are under the belief that they need to follow the insurance companies’ direction and go to a shop they have designated, this is just not true. The Body Shop Sears wants you to know your rights when looking for an auto body shop near you for your next repair.

Did you know that you may legally designate your repair shop to negotiate a fair claim settlement with your insurance company? I didn’t! But thanks to the people at LIABRA I was able to find out my rights and so I  want share that with all my new and existing customers.

I want to share just a few more things I got from LIABRA, did you know that the insurance company has six business days after being notified to inspect your car. If after the auto body shop near you dismantles the car they find additional damage, the insurance company has two business days to reinspect it after being properly notified.

Your insurance company must negotiate in good faith and you are entitled to a prompt and fair settlement to repair your car back to its pre-accident condition.

What I found most interesting is that your not required to get one or more estimates, so taking your vehicle to an auto body shop near you is probably your best bet.

The Body Shop Sears located at 414 N Wantagh Ave, Bethpage NY 11714 is that auto body shop near you that can serve your auto body repair needs. We currently offer $200 off your deductible on any repair, and if your one of our customers we have an incentive for you. Refer us to one of you’re family and friends and get a $100 Amex Gift Card, it’s our way of saying thank you for being a customer of the Body Shop Sears.

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